At work and beyond

The most important task for GS is to defend our members'rights at the workplace. But we also look beyond the workplace, with the broader aim to help improve our members' life as a whole. Therefore we actively work to influence political decisions that have bearing on the everyday life of our members, for instance health care, schools and housing policies.

We alsowork closely with our counterparts, the employers, to defend and develop policies of importance to the branches we work in, and thus are of importance to our members.

Union education is one of the core tasks of our organization. We offer trade union training to all members – from new members to those who need advanced training. It is essential to the union that our representatives have the knowledge and skills needed to represent the members in an effective way.

GS is strongly committed to international promotion of trade unions. We participate in international efforts to build strong trade unions all over the globe. This work is coordinated through our global federations BWI and UNI.

GS also cares for members who have left the labor market for different reasons – sickness, unemployment or retirement. We inform about our union in schools and we offer student membership to high school students.